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Dreams can take us to far-off places and fantasy worlds, or they can plunge us deep into the darkest of places. But even the most vivid of dreams are just fleeting moments that are virtually impossible to hold onto. Many artists have tried

¿Alguna vez imaginaste que en México se encontrara el único jardín surrealista de América? Así es, se trata de "Las Pozas" un jardín creado por Edward James.  Este espectacular jardín se encuentra en Xilitla, San Luis Potosí. El lugar parece sacado

When we think of paintings, we think of color – lots of color. Whether it’s realism, abstract, painterly, impressionism or expressionism, most artists use an array of colors in various shades to create their work. It’s hard to imagine that any

Brasil no es sólo fútbol. Aunque no lo parezca, este país sudamericano también es reconocido por su gran aporte cultural y artístico. El gigante de América ha visto nacer a grandes artistas que por su trayectoria han logrado ser

Art and fashion are two sides of the same coin; both celebrating the art of self-expression and pushing the boundaries of societal “norms.” It’s no surprise that some of the most recognized luxury brands in the fashion world have partnered

Hollywood and the art world have always been closely intertwined, but we’re seeing more prominent actors and actresses becoming serious art collectors. And many of them have amassed some pretty impressive collections. Photo by tom balabaud from Pexels Brad Pitt Brad Pitt is no stranger to the

Art, FrontPage artist page, cubism, cubismo, fine art, fine artwork, guernica, jacques tange, pablo picasso, picasso, spanish art Why Did Picasso’s Paintings Have Distorted Faces?   15JULY Picasso is arguably most famous for his paintings of distorted faces. But what many people don’t realize is that this genius of an artist created more than 1,800

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