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Dreams can take us to far-off places and fantasy worlds, or they can plunge us deep into the darkest of places. But even the most vivid of dreams are just fleeting moments that are virtually impossible to hold onto. Many artists have tried

When we think of paintings, we think of color – lots of color. Whether it’s realism, abstract, painterly, impressionism or expressionism, most artists use an array of colors in various shades to create their work. It’s hard to imagine that any

Photography has long been viewed as a tool for capturing reality. Whether it’s the harrowing expressions on a war refugee’s face, a happy moment amongst friends or the sun setting over a mountain, traditional photographers have an innate talent for

For centuries, oil paints were the standard medium for painters around the world. Versatile and easy to blend, this type of paint transformed the art world and is responsible for the classical works we still admire to this day. Today, more artists are using acrylic paints

Martha Chapa, Mexican painter, writer and sculptor, has produced more than 250 individual exhibitions and more than 1,800 collective exhibitions worldwide. Born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Chapa has produced several well-known works of art, including The Red Grotto, Apple Soap,

Saner y las artes visuales Edgar Flores mejor conocido como Saner es un artista mexicano que ha logrado posicionar sus obras a nivel mundial. Este artista visual es considerado una referencia del nuevo muralismo mexicano. Ha sido invitado a participar en

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