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The contemporary art market is incredibly complex, but it’s also incredibly valuable. After all, it’s the contemporary market that’s constantly pushing boundaries and evoking strong reactions from the public. It’s this constant stream of controversy that has helped grow and

Edmonia Lewis art is world-known, and the New York born artist, changed the world for African Americans in art. What makes Lewis so special is that she was the first professional African-American sculptor. Edmonia Lewis portrait via Creator:Henry Rocher [Public domain],

Working with watercolors can be a magical experience. The flowing colors, the wide spectrum of saturation and the unpredictable pigment are what make this medium so appealing. But they’re also what makes watercolors so intimidating. If you’re thinking about diving into

Embroidery isn’t exactly a new art – and it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of art trends. But a new generation of embroidery artists are pushing the boundaries of this timeless craft,

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