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Piñatas Are Not as Mexican As You Think They Are

Piñatas are associated with Mexican heritage, but did you know that they might not have originated in Mexico?

Historically, the first written record of the piñata comes from the famous Marco Polo during his visit to China. He records seeing brightly colored animals, including…

Las Posadas: What Are Those?

A Tradition

Mexican traditions are filled with fun, food and Posadas. Outsiders may question the posada, but it’s a brilliant event that occurs over a nine-day period leading up to Christmas Day. Las Posadas are a very important part of Christmas tradition in Mexico.

Let’s make some Ponche

Recipe: Mexican Fruit Punch

If you want to prepare the traditional Mexican Fruit Punch don’t think about it. Impress your Mexican friends with this simple recipe.

What do you need?

3 apples chopped in small cubes you don’t need to peal them
250 grams of peeled tejocotes
6 guavas chopped…

Famous Gastronomy – The Stories Behind Our Favorite Dishes

Food is a culture and an art form. Just as artists have been inspired by famous figures, some of our favorite dishes and drinks we enjoy today were inspired by and named after prominent people in history. In this edition of Happy Melange, we look at famous gastronomy.

Mexico and the Weird Fascination with The Dead. Why Do Mexicans Celebrate the Day of The Dead?

Mexico tourism is on the rise. People from across the world go to Mexico for its rich culture, beautiful beaches, cheap high-end hotels and festivals. Party-goers flock to the country, too. And one event seems to come straight out of legends, but it’s a strong part of Mexican history: The Day…

Do You Need to Be GAY to Understand Broadway?

There’s this weird misconception that you have to be gay to understand Broadway. As if straight men (or women, for that matter) can’t possibly relate to or enjoy musicals. Sure, there are some quirky, what-exactly-is-going-on-here productions (even being gay wouldn’t help you here). But if you turn your nose up at all…

Listen: Singer-Comedian Jude Perl’s Pokes Fun at Ad Jingles ’10 Seconds’ Video

In 2007, marketing people found out that 10-second ads were more effective than 30-second ads at reeling in customers. What’s the best way to sell a product in ten seconds? A catchy jingle that gets stuck in your head for hours (well-played, marketers).

Comedian/singer-songwriter Jude Perl, who also writes jingles…

How my pet hit the spotlight and I didn’t?

Sad Reality

It is not that it makes me mad or that I am in direct competition with my pet but being Leo Di Caprio’s unfamous friend is a weird feeling to have with my pet.

As I switch between my personal Instagram and…

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