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1. Where do you deliver to?

Volupt Art delivers worldwide.

It is important to keep in mind that some countries have special policies regarding the export and import of artworks.

For example: Artworks with textiles and or special materials might be restricted to certain countries.

If special policies are applicable we will contact you.

2.  When can I expect my delivery?

National shipping can take place within 5 working days.

International shipping can take place within 10 working days.


DHL is our preferred shipping courier.

3. Where are you located?

Volupt Art operates from different locations.

The Netherlands

Our main office is located at Nieuwstraat 24 in Schiedam.

We work together with Galerie Jabelle located in Schie 50 in Schiedam.


Volupt Art main warehouse is South of Mexico City.

Volupt Art office in Mexico is located in Av. Insurgentes Sur 2453, Tizapán San Ángel.

We have artworks on display in Las Palmas Huatulco Luxury Villas.

4. How are the shipping prices calculated?

Costs varies per location and are calculated via the DHL quotation services.

5. Would I get a better shipping rate or service if I am located in Mexico or the Netherlands?

We have to see if the piece that you are interested on is located in the same country you are in.

If that’s the case you can expect a faster shipment and a more personalized  customer experience.

6. Can I return my order?

In custom orders there is no returns as the piece was developed specially for you.

Before we approve the order, we request you some photos of the place where you want to allocate the artwork then we can send you a sample of how it will look like.

If you want to have a better guarantee rate you can go to our Saatchi Art profile to benefit.

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