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Artist Spotlight: Judith Ruiz

Following Rufino Tamayo’s steps

Judith Ruiz’s passion for art was evident at a young age. Some of her earliest memories are tied to art, and she didn’t just see the colors and stroke of the paint brush on a canvas. Judith related the colors of art to the feeling that the piece makes the viewer feel when viewing it.

Raised in the south of Mexico, her childhood included art, but it wasn’t until she moved to Oaxaca that her love and passion for art truly clicked.

Art, as it is for many people, is beautiful and tells stories, but her family didn’t view art as a serious career. When people say they’re “starving artists,” this rings true with Judith. Her early days as an artist were as difficult and tedious, as every artist that struggles to make enough money to put food on the table knows.

Raised in a traditional family, her parents didn’t view art as a career choice for their daughter.

She was told that her family would only support her love for art if she completed a “real” bachelors program. This lit a fire inside of Judith. When you challenge someone like Judith, they push themselves to be better and more passionate than they ever thought they could be.

Business Administration was the degree she chose to pursue, and she excelled with the thirst to be an artist and prove her parents wrong. She graduated with a BA degree in 4 years instead of 5 years.

Judith Follows Her Dream in Oaxaca

Graduation was exciting, and the hard work and dedication paid off. But there was an extra reward in Judith’s graduation: the excuse was over – she could follow her dream. Business administration is a great career, but it doesn’t speak to her heart in the same way art can.

She broke into the Oaxaca art scene with the passion she felt her entire life.

Collaborations with other artists commenced, and she helped many artists along the way. She did it all, from taking classes to refine her skills to assisting other artists and being a watchful observer, learning techniques and tricks of the trade along the way.

She didn’t sit back and let every day be an accident.

Art Leads to Romance

Ballerina 50x70cm mix media Judith Ruiz

Judith’s passion for art took an unexpected turn when she met a fellow artist that she fell in love with. The fairytale story of two artists meeting and falling in love became a reality for Judith.

She fell in love, and the two had a child – the love child of art.

This was a trying time in her life. A traditionalist, she left her career behind and supported the career of her partner. The love story that started with two artists ended. Judith realized that she gave up part of herself when she stopped being an artist, and she didn’t allow herself to do what she loved.

She didn’t give herself or the craft she loved the respect it deserved.

The reality of life with a child empowered Judith’s vision. She promised that she wouldn’t give away her very essence for the sake of her partner anymore. She needed to find herself, and she is her best self when she is creating art.

A Glorious Return to the World of Art

A fire burns bright inside of Judith. She started to work with clay, and she found a passion for sculpting. She often relates her time being a mom with the same feelings she has when she creates a new masterpiece.

She gives birth to her creations.

Ruiz believes the feminine side of women gives women an advantage as a creator. Ever-growing, her talents led her to dabble in different mediums and learn new ways to create art that speaks to the viewer.

New Beginnings: Life from the Ashes

In her first series, she works with clay. This is a representation of her new beginnings after she gave up art to support her partner. The pieces are brilliant in every sense, as she creates art with a new passion and design.

You can view her pieces here.

Playful Dreams: A Mother, Son Creation

Playful dreams is her collection as a mother. She shares the spotlight with her son as a partner in crime. These pieces are exquisite with use of various mediums, from sculpting to oil paints to create pieces that resonate with the collection of a mother.

View her pieces on Artfinder.

An Homage to Women

Judith feels the power and divinity of being a woman. Her upcoming series will pay homage to women and femininity. This is a series on the power of women, and it’s sure to be as brilliant as her past works.

Judith is a solo exhibitionist, too, and she has assisted groups in Mexico and the US.


Note : In the past, there was an image featured in the beginning of the article features Judith in front of a mural from Ruben Osio which work is located in the National Palace of Oaxaca, Oaxaca. That red mural is not from Ruiz portfolio and it was never intended to be claimed as such. 

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