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Piñatas Are Not as Mexican As You Think They Are

Piñatas are associated with Mexican heritage, but did you know that they might not have originated in Mexico?

Historically, the first written record of the piñata comes from the famous Marco Polo during his visit to China. He records seeing brightly colored animals, including…

Las Posadas: What Are Those?

A Tradition

Mexican traditions are filled with fun, food and Posadas. Outsiders may question the posada, but it’s a brilliant event that occurs over a nine-day period leading up to Christmas Day. Las Posadas are a very important part of Christmas tradition in Mexico.

Let’s make some Ponche

Recipe: Mexican Fruit Punch

If you want to prepare the traditional Mexican Fruit Punch don’t think about it. Impress your Mexican friends with this simple recipe.

What do you need?

3 apples chopped in small cubes you don’t need to peal them
250 grams of peeled tejocotes
6 guavas chopped…

Cócteles para preparar en Navidad

Si tienes planes para celebrar la Navidad en casa y quieres sorprender a tus invitados, puedes lucirte y preparar deliciosos cócteles para ellos. Estas atractivas propuestas son creadas por algunos de los mejores barmans de España que trabajan en restaurantes que también tienen su prestigio como StreetXO, Columbus, Platea y muchos otros,…

Huatulco, Mexico – Former Pirate Haven Turned Tourist Destination

When people think of Mexico, the cities of Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas usually come to mind. But Huatulco offers travelers an eco-friendly destination that doesn’t sacrifice on the luxuries you come to expect when visiting Mexico.

Known as tourist development, Huatulco is a tourist development…

The Metropolitan Opera LIVE in HD in Mexico

People living in Mexico can now enjoy the New York Metropolitan Opera’s presentations without having to hop on a plane. The Met is now offering LIVE streams of shows from their 2016-2017 season starting on December 10.

The shows are a part of the theater’s Live in HD series,…

Gin vs Genever? What’s The Difference?

Genever has becoming a popular drink as a base of mixology in bars. We’re going to discuss the difference between gin and Genever so that you understand the origin of the new style of gin you’ve overlooked.

Gin’s Origins

Gin, in its traditional sense, comes…

Sarah J. Maas: The Queen of Young Adult Books

Sarah J. Maas truly turned pop culture upside down. The 30-year-old from Manhattan is the award winning Best YA in Fantasy and Science Fiction. She is one of the most appraised authors in the YA genre, and I’ve read pretty much all her series.

To say that she is…

Mezcal Vs Tequila: What’s Trending?

Mezcal, tequila – what’s the difference, right? Wrong. While similar on some levels, these two Mexican spirits are very different in quite a few ways. For starters, mezcal is smokier and a bit earthier and sometimes with a worm. But the two differ in other ways, too.

What’s the…

What Do YA Books Have That Make Them So Addictive?

There was a time when I was embarrassed to tell my friends that my leisure time consisted of reading YA (young adult) books. I felt like I should be reading 101 Ways to Invest for Retirement, or a book more geared towards “adults.

But I noticed a good…

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