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Humans have been sculpting for centuries. At first, it was for ritualistic purposes or to create tools, but over time, sculpting became an art form. People are drawn to sculptures for many reasons. For some, sculptures are the 3D embodiment of

Hollywood and the art world have always been closely intertwined, but we’re seeing more prominent actors and actresses becoming serious art collectors. And many of them have amassed some pretty impressive collections. Photo by tom balabaud from Pexels Brad Pitt Brad Pitt is no stranger to the

For centuries, oil paints were the standard medium for painters around the world. Versatile and easy to blend, this type of paint transformed the art world and is responsible for the classical works we still admire to this day. Today, more artists are using acrylic paints

Saner y las artes visuales Edgar Flores mejor conocido como Saner es un artista mexicano que ha logrado posicionar sus obras a nivel mundial. Este artista visual es considerado una referencia del nuevo muralismo mexicano. Ha sido invitado a participar en

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