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A inicios del mes de octubre del 2020, la reconocida revista Artnews publicó su esperada lista de los coleccionistas de arte más importantes del momento. Para elaborar esta lista ArtNews recopila entrevistas confidenciales realizadas a notables miembros de la industria

Have you ever thought about attending an auction? Have you then decided against it because ‘that’s only for the elite, the rich and the famous" well, this is no longer the case. Changing times, the introduction of the internet and the

Celebrated by New York artists, Iké Udé uses contemporary photography and conceptual photographic portraits to explore cultural, sexual and gender issues as well as stylistic identity.  Iké Udé: The Man Behind the Lens Iké Udé was born and raised in Nigeria. As

Humans have been sculpting for centuries. At first, it was for ritualistic purposes or to create tools, but over time, sculpting became an art form. People are drawn to sculptures for many reasons. For some, sculptures are the 3D embodiment of

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