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Girl with flowers II by Jacques Tange acrylic



This exquisite acrylic on cardboard artwork, titled ‘Girl with flowers II’ by Jacques Tange, transports the viewer to a serene world of elegance and beauty. The piece, created in the year 2023, captures a moment of tranquility as a redhead lady delicately holds four white tulips with closed eyes, exuding a sense of peaceful contemplation. The white background of the artwork accentuates the purity and grace of the scene, while the vibrant green of the tulips’ stems and the lady’s striking red hair and lips provide a captivating contrast. This original artwork, measuring 40.5x25cm (15.94×9.84 inches), embodies the essence of Dutch artistry and is a testament to the artist’s extraordinary talent. Whether adorning a living space or serving as a thoughtful gift, this piece promises to inspire and elevate any setting with its timeless allure. Experience the enchanting ‘Girl with flowers II’ by Jacques Tange, now available for delivery from Mexico via DHL courier. Elevate your space with this remarkable creation.

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Dimensions 40.5 × 25 × 1 cm


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