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Listen: Singer-Comedian Jude Perl’s Pokes Fun at Ad Jingles ’10 Seconds’ Video

In 2007, marketing people found out that 10-second ads were more effective than 30-second ads at reeling in customers. What’s the best way to sell a product in ten seconds? A catchy jingle that gets stuck in your head for hours (well-played, marketers).

Comedian/singer-songwriter Jude Perl, who also writes jingles for a sugar company, pokes fun at the advertisement industry in her hilarious song ’10 Seconds.’ While she goes on for a wee-bit longer than 10 seconds (3 minutes), she brings up some good points – like how our friends are secretly judging us for the “microscopic germs in our toilet.” Watch below to see what I mean:

From your sexual inadequacies to your stinking toilet bowl and bad complexion, Perl uses her music talent to rip on how the advertising industry plays on our insecurities and fears to make us buy their products.

“Don’t you want to impress your friends, your shallow friends who make it hard for you to fit in?”

Yes, yes I do.

And that’s really what it comes down to, right? We all want to fit in and not be judged by our friends and family. Marketers know that, and play that to their advantage to get us to buy things we don’t need (okay, we might need some of it).

Perl knows that, and pokes at herself, too, for the jingles she writes and how they’ve paid for her “house in Hawaii.”

The tune by Perl is a catchy, lighthearted and funny response to the advertising industry, but her comments are also sadly true.

All I have to say is this: thank goodness for art. Art doesn’t have any jingles, so we can pick whatever we want without annoying ear worms – or someone telling us the world will end if we don’t buy their work.


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