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Artist Spotlight: Judith Ruiz

Judith Ruiz’s passion for art was evident at a young age. Some of her earliest memories are tied to art, and she didn’t just see the colors and stroke of the paint brush on a canvas. Judith related the colors of art to the feeling that the piece makes the viewer feel…

Artist Spotlight: Alina Smocov

Romanian born, Alina Eliza Smocov breathes life into her art with a dedication and passion that propels her work into the heart and minds of viewers. An award-winning artist, Alina lives in Rotterdam.

She’s our new artist in the spotlight.

Humble and dedicated, Alina has a…

Artist Spotlight: Sergio Chávez “Cawamo”

Known for his incredibly detailed and politically-charged stencil street art, Cawamo explores cultural identity and pre-Hispanic art through his work. In the studio, he uses mixed media, like printmaking and ceramics, to bring his ideas to life.

In this week’s artist spotlight, we take a closer look at Cawamo’s…

Artist in the Spotlight: Gabo Mendoza

Art critique’s dream

Gabo Mendoza (Gabriel Mendoza Rodriguez) is an artist that lives in obscurity, yet his works speak to the masses. The picturesque story of Gabo is an art critique’s dream, and he creates what we call social art.

Art as a critic is a…

Artist Spotlight: Jacques Tange

Educated at Rotterdam’s Academy of Arts, Jacques Tange was named Artist of the Year 2005/2006. A favorite among contemporary Dutch art lovers, Jacques’ style has a way of drawing you into his world, which brings humor to present-day themes.

Jacques is inspired by the illuminated handwritings from the Middle…

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