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Art Basel Teams Up with Buenos Aires for Cultural Events

Art Basel is teaming up with the city of Buenos Aires to bring a series of cultural events to the city. The organization announced the collaboration on its art blog, and the first event will take place in late 2017 in Buenos Aires. The goal is to give attendees a chance to explore and engage with the local fine art scene and cultural offerings.

The announcement is an exciting one, and we hope that this project will benefit the local arts community in this vibrant city – not just the exclusive art galleries. We’re also hoping to see some fresh blood and get acquainted with some new talent.

The First City

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero

Buenos Aires is the first city to partner with Art Basel, and the organization hopes to highlight the city as a premier cultural destination.

Art Basel will work closely with the Buenos Aires government over the next nine months as well as its tourism board and local art institutions. Together, they will create a meaningful program for the event. The goal is to not only complement but amplify the city’s cultural and artistic offerings.

It won’t take too much effort to reach this goal – Buenos Aires is oozing with culture, and we can’t wait to see the offerings from local and established artists.

Cities Initiative

Buenos Aires collage

Buenos Aires collage

Art Basel first launched its Cities initiative in March 2016 to engage with different cities to develop programs that give local artists a chance to shine. These programs open up the local art scene to people all over the world who attend the events, and introduce us to fresh new artists.


Cultura en Buenos Aires

Vibrant and colorful city

Can’t wait until 2017 for the Art Basel Buenos Aires event? We feel your pain. Thankfully, you can buy art online to get your fix until next year.

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