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Black and white art. Building the session by Nizaac Vallejo

Title: Building the session

Artist: Nizaac Vallejo

Year: 2019

Technique: printmaking on cotton paper

Size without frame; 41.5 x 50 cm


All the pieces are sent with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist.

Todas las piezas son enviadas con un Certificado de Autenticidad firmadas por el Artista.

Si estás en México el envío corre por nuestra cuenta.


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Nizaac Vallejo is a young mexican artist who seeks to relate his artistic work with philosophical reflections. In this print on cotton paper the artist poses a reflection on the spatial complexity in the field of graphics.

The artist seeks to analyze the meanings of the drawing structures from the human condition generating atmospheres, contrasts of planes, where the line and the trace are building scenes that immerse us in a world of visual possibilities.

Here the references of what is read, heard, of the artistic influences, are a fundamental part for the understanding of the work

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