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Artist Spotlight: Alina Smocov

Romanian born, Alina Eliza Smocov breathes life into her art with a dedication and passion that propels her work into the heart and minds of viewers. An award-winning artist, Alina lives in Rotterdam.

She’s our new artist in the spotlight.

Humble and dedicated, Alina has a promising career. Intense and sensitive, each piece she creates is an extension of herself. She gets attached to each of her works, and after spending three months on each piece, it’s no wonder her heart gets broken each time a piece is purchased.

Alina strives for every piece to be perfect. This dedication to perfection is exemplified in Realistic Paintings, which are her latest masterpieces.

Creating Art for the Calm and Silence


The artwork of Smocov can best be described as pure, serene and tranquil.

A secret to her success is that every piece of art incorporates part of the Taize prayer. The ten minutes of silence enables Alina to hone in on her artistic genius to look deeper into the meaning of silence.

Every piece she creates incorporates the experience of silence and meditation. The form of solitude is counterbalanced in a world where sound encompasses the lives of every person. She aims to find balance in a life where the world isn’t filled with noise. The silence is reflected in her artwork so that she can share the calm with others around her.

Silence is essential for survival, according to Alina.

She deeply believes that the world needs to have silence, and there isn’t enough of it in our fast-paced society. Every piece of art she creates aims to bring a little serenity to art lovers that can appreciate the calm.

Volupt Art Teams Up with Alina Smocov

Alina is well-known in Rotterdam and the Netherlands for her unique art. She is an avid artist that appreciates the artwork of others, too. Her work has been featured in Rotterdam galleries, but her art wasn’t reaching the eyes that truly appreciate her style.

Volupt Art teamed up with Alina to bring her art out into the open for people to appreciate and enjoy.

Portraits of Elegance and Style

Alina’s talents don’t exist in just the abstract. Her education and experience allows her to offer paintings that come to life with the realism that’s just missing the flesh to bring it to life. Portraits are among the brilliant works she dedicates months on.

Almost like a child, she nurtures each painting to add elegance, shade, shadows and brilliance.

Oil paintings and collages are among her specialties. The Veere oil painting depicts a beautiful girl turning 11 years old. Emotion is depicted in the eyes of the subject with flowing blonde hair and strands that come to life.


The popping eyes of the subject are accompanied with lifelike lips and shades that leave the viewer captivated in wonder of what the subject is thinking.

What is in the mind of this 11-year old girl?

Her dreams are ahead of her. Her passions will develop. But, she stares in wonder at the viewer, wondering why a person is staring back at her. The subject glances into the viewer’s eyes wondering what the viewer is thinking, too.

Realistic paintings are what Smocov hopes will allow her to own her own studio, painting full-time. Etching and painting techniques from the Dutch and Spanish artists of the 16th century entice Alina, yet they would awe at her brilliance.

She draws inspiration from Robert Ryman, Rob Sweere, Cindy Sherman and Maaike Schoorel.

Alina is a multidisciplinary artist. She uses different fields to express her art, and she has experience in collages, etchings, photographs, painting and drawing. Large canvas is used with her realistic paintings to leave emptiness and allow reflection to provide a source of inspiration to the viewer.

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