Sarah J. Maas: The Queen of Young Adult Books

Sarah J. Maas truly turned pop culture upside down. The 30-year-old from Manhattan is the award winning Best YA in Fantasy and Science Fiction. She is one of the most appraised authors in the YA genre, and I’ve read pretty much all her series.

To say that she is the queen of young adult books is an understatement.

Her Series

If you haven’t read one of her two ongoing series, it’s time to sit down and prepare yourself for a ride of a lifetime.

Maas has a way of developing characters that are captivating.

The two-ongoing series are: 

Successful, fun and dedicated, Maas started writing TToG when she was just sixteen, and after posting it to, it quickly rose to be one of the most popular stories. She decided to remove the chapters from the site and finish her novel.

The rest is history.

The novel is available in 15 countries and in 23 languages.

Every year she seems to write a new book, with the newest books being:



Her books have started to teeter on the border of the YA genre in recent iterations.

Targeting a new audience

Violence is a big part of her novels, and there has been a lot of raging passion, explicit content and extreme nudity found in her books.

It’s a nice transition, and maybe she is trying to move along with the times as her fans start to grow up, too. Also she develops her characters through time, she empowers women. We don’t see the classical damsel in distress drama, instead we learn about independent women who tries to forge their own destiny looking for equals on a partnership. 

What I like is that these are retellings of some of the best stories we all know and love. ACATAR is a violent version of Beauty and the Beast.

For an author review, I simply love her series, and it’s one I suggest to any reader of YA and pop culture.