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Ballerina an original oil on canvas by Alina Smocov


Title:  Ballerina

Artist: Alina Smocov

Year: 2013

Technique: Oil on Canvas

Size without frame: 80x100cm

All the pieces are sent with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist.

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Do you want to see how it looks at your home?

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An original art piece by the Rumanian artist Alina Smocov.

This is an artwork made in 2013 as a part of her silence series.

This is an oil on canvas.

The artwork of Smocov can best be described as pure, serene and tranquil.

A secret to her success is that every piece of art incorporates part of the Taize prayer. The ten minutes of silence enables Alina to hone in on her artistic genius to look deeper into the meaning of silence.

Every piece she creates incorporates the experience of silence and meditation. The form of solitude is counterbalanced in a world where sound encompasses the lives of every person. She aims to find balance in a life where the world isn’t filled with noise. The silence is reflected in her artwork so that she can share the calm with others around her.

Silence is essential for survival, according to Alina.

She deeply believes that the world needs to have silence, and there isn’t enough of it in our fast-paced society. Every piece of art she creates aims to bring a little serenity to art lovers that can appreciate the calm.

Do you want to see how it looks at your home?

Send us an email with the photo of the place and we can send you a sneak peek!

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 90 x 110 x 10 cm

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