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Art Basel Teams Up with Buenos Aires for Cultural Events

Art Basel is teaming up with the city of Buenos Aires to bring a series of cultural events to the city. The organization announced the collaboration on its art blog, and the first event will take place in late 2017 in Buenos Aires. The goal is to give attendees a chance to

Heading to a Gallery Exhibition? Maybe You Should Leave the Kids at Home

“Children love art they said. “Bring your kids to the gallery exhibition,” they said. “It will be fun,” they said. Sure, it’s fun – until little Johnny knocks over that priceless work of art, shattering it into a million pieces. I’m not sure when people started confusing an art exhibition for a…

Can Online Art Markets Breathe New Life into Modern Art?

Good Art, Bad Art

Art is open to interpretation. A piece can be critiqued until the artist is blue in the face, but ultimately, it cannot be considered “right” or “wrong.” The true beauty of art is that it can move us; make us feel. But it can also turn…