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We are happy that you took the time to visit us.

Volupt Art is an Online Art Gallery platform that shares with you news about Art, Design, Leisure and Pleasure.

We have two main base locations: Mexico and the Netherlands. 

Volupt Art works together with the Artists featured in our Online Store, we can certify their authenticity and quality.

You can expect an awesome experience, as an art lover we know how much you value art.

All the artwork is supplied directly from the Artist Atelier* and we make sure you receive the artwork in perfect condition.

For your security, under the spotlight section you can see that we are close collaborators with the Artist, you will see there an artwork or a photo with them referring to us.

We condemn forgeries and scams, we have a high value for Intellectual Property Rights.

If you are interested in more artwork from the Artist that is not featured in our webpage we can make the arrangement for you and try to secure you a good deal.  

You can leave it all in our hands you just have to let us know what are you looking for.


Taking directions by Jacques Tange

Taking directions by Jacques Tange



Legal Info:

In Mexico we work under the name of: Edificación Planeada TAG SA de CV.  A company founded in 1992 in Mexico City. The company main core business is the development of Luxury Real State and Design.

In the Netherlands we work under the name of: Galerie Jabelle an Art Gallery located in the heart of Schiedam.


  • Unless stated otherwise